Professor Barrett Hazeltine and Dr. Lowe at a Brown University Commencement.  As a freshman at Brown, Dr. Lowe enrolled in Prof. Hazeltine's famous Engine 9 and Engineering 90 courses.


Emmy Award-winning TV reporter and founder of P Garyn Productions, Kendra Farn, with Dr. Lowe.

Dr. Lowe with multiple Grammy Award nominated, songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Butler.

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Gwen Edwards, senior producer at News 12 Connecticut, with Dr. Lowe on "Our Lives"  - What's New in College Admissions Trends Series.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Debbie Nigro, with Dr. Lowe.

Dr. Lowe, with young scholar and fellow bowtie wearer, Gerald, at "Inspiring Young Minds" Conference.

Dr. Lowe discusses Ivy League Admissions Advisors and Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group.


Luxury and bridal fashion designer, Anne Bowen, at one her of NY shows with Dr. Lowe

Dr. Lowe with Tommy Hilfiger at The "Reimagining Education: Preparing Our Students for the Future" Event‎ in Greenwich, CT. Mr. Hilfiger was a panelist at the event.

It's Relevant - Television interview of Dr. Lowe after his "Getting Into Top Colleges" admissions seminar. 

College Admissions and Black Students


Dr. Lowe interviewed on "Our Lives with Gwen Edwards".

Dr. Lowe discusses "College Admissions & Black Students"at the Urban Collective

Dr. Paul



Dr Paul Lowe Educational Consultant/Admissions Advisor and Career Advisor